NERDFEST 2013 – post con blog

So Nerdfest 2013 has come and gone, leaving me with my first ever experience of having a table to sell my comics and art. 

What can I say? … It was both mind-boggling and amazingly fun. When me and my boyfriend finally arrived we got straight to setting up our table after saying a quick hello to Naniiebim. I felt rather inadequate and vastly unprepared when I compared my own table to fellow exhibitors and artists who had their tables piled with merchandise whilst mine looked rather bare. But it seems it was fine in the end 😀





As the day went on, I really could not have been prepared enough. Business was going very well all throughout the day with people really being interested in WILLOW and the Free! Iwatobi Swim Club stickers being a massive hit XD I’ve never had such a chance to speak to so many wonderful people before. One couple even asked my permission to have one of my prints as a tattoo! Seriously for my first convention, I couldn’t have asked for anything better!

I wanna give a huge shout out to all the wonderful artists I met and had a chance to speak to, especially naniiebim​, antisnow​ , MikeJacksonBikerScoutconstancearmitage​ and puddingvalkyrie! Everyone just made my day!

I simply cannot wait for Doki Doki Festival now! 😀



I am very sorry for my lack in updates here on this blog! Please forgive me! So what have I been up to?

WILLOW has made it’s debut over at with new page updates coming every wednesday! I am busy attempting to get Volume 2 finished and printed ready in time for NerdFest & DokiDoki Festival, and so far it’s looking good. Please spare a few minutes to check out WILLOW, readers will help to support me as a growing comic artist so any support i greatly appreciated! 

Click the Link to be redirected to my WILLOW comic –

As well as WILLOW I am doing a buttload of artwork to be printed and sold at the above events, including some Free! Iwatobi Swim Club Chibi Stickers, for those fans out there! If you’re attending Nerdfest/DokiDoki and love the anime be sure to drop by and purchase them before they’re gone!Image

Otherwise thats really all I’ve got to update you with! Sorry again for my absence, although I’ve been on break from University I’ve still been a very busy bee! 

WILLOW is selling great!

WILLOW is selling great!

Copies of WILLOW vol.1 have been flying off the stall at the Cartoon & Comic Arts Pop Up Comic Shop at the Staffordshire University ‘Show & Tell’ Degree Show! I’m so happy that it’s doing so well x Thanks to everyone who has and continues to follow it so far 🙂